April 30, 2019

Bad BIK – where to get a loan?

If we do not have the chance to get the loan we need at the bank, there are several alternative options to get cash even on similar terms as in a bank.

Way of getting a bank loan

Way of getting a bank loan

Negative credit history in BIK is one of the most common obstacles standing in the way of getting a bank loan. So where do we seek help if we have a bad story in this database and we have the ability to obtain a loan? I will try to answer this question today.

When in the past we happened to pay off the loan we had already incurred in the bank and these delays were quite large, most probably the information about this fact landed at the Credit Information Bureau. It contains information on all borrowers, both those paying installments on time and those who have smaller or larger delays in repayment of loan installments. There is also a point score for each borrower, based on which the banks can assess whether we are a reliable borrower or not.

Information in BIK databases is most often kept for up to 5 years, so if all these years have elapsed since we repaid the loan under which we had delays, we should now have a clean credit history. If this is not the case and we still can not get a loan from the bank, we can look around for another option to get extra cash.

If we want the loan installments to be no higher than the bank loans then the only option in this case may be a community loan that we find in the offers of such services as Calcus. Although we have the opportunity to borrow on decent terms and it is not more expensive than in a bank, there are a few drawbacks for such loans. The first is the amount of the loan – at the first loan, we will not borrow more than PLN 1000, otherwise the waiting time is at least a few days because a certain number of so-called investors and therefore people who will want to give us a loan. But if time does not catch us, it’s worth building a story in such services because later we can apply for a much larger amount of loans, reaching even tens of thousands of zlotys.

But what if we need a loan quickly and we do not have time to build a reliable profile of the borrower? We are left with non-bank companies, which are currently very numerous and there is a lot to choose from, that’s how I emphasize more than once – it is worth choosing only those that are tested.

The cheapest option for receiving a non-bank loan without verification at BIK will undoubtedly be obtained in Providencie, because this company currently has the best conditions in the option Transfer. We also have two options for repaying the loan, in weekly or monthly installments. The latter can be slightly cheaper in payment from the first one. Provident’s offer includes loans up to PLN 8,000 (monthly installments) and up to PLN 10,000 (in the case of weekly installments).

When looking for a loan with bad BIK, it is also worth paying attention to the offer of companies providing loans entirely via the Internet. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit the facility or contact the company’s employee directly to obtain them. Obtaining a loan is limited in this case to the loan application on the website where we enter your basic data, transfer a small verification fee from your bank account (or use the option to get a loan without transferring this fee ) and then wait for a phone call the websites of the companies in which we submitted the application. After accepting our application, we may have the necessary loan from a dozen or so minutes to a maximum of a few hours on our account.

Such a quick option of obtaining non-bank cash is offered by such brands as Carriedo Now or Stedy, and these companies do not verify the borrower’s data in BIK databases at the moment. However, I must point out that the cost of such a loan will be more expensive to pay on both traditional bank loans and the previously mentioned Transfer option which is in the Provident offer. The upside, however, is the fact that we may need cash in this case really quickly.

Selected loan proposals for people who do not have the best credit history in BIK databases