A couple discovers that a pearl is worth thousands while eating at a seafood restaurant

A New Jersey couple had the find of a lifetime while eating at one of their favorite seafood restaurants. Michael and Maria Spressler have been going to The Lobster House in Cape May for 34 years and almost always order a dozen half-shell clams for an appetizer.

As Michael ate the last clam, he bit into something hard and thought he might have knocked out a tooth.

“I was in 12th, and when I picked it up on the fork it felt a bit heavy, but I didn’t think about it,” he said. KYW. “Then when I started eating it, I noticed there was something in my mouth. I even thought one of my teeth had broken.”

It turns out that Michael has found a massive pearl that could be worth thousands of dollars. The couple said they had no plans to sell the pearl, which measured 8.8 millimeters. Instead, Maria said she wanted to put it in jewelry.

“I would like it to be set in a nice piece of jewelry, maybe a mermaid or something nautical,” she said. “It’s a beautiful memory of that day, and what we have is so special.”

Workers at The Lobster House, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, said it was the first time they remembered someone finding a pearl in their clams.

“I’ve worked here for about 10 years now, and I’ve never heard of anyone finding one in one of our oysters or shellfish,” Sarah Stadnicar told the news station.

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