A seafood restaurant is coming to bustling Knox Street in Dallas, from the owner of Beverley’s

A restaurant specializing in raw oysters and other seafood is set to open on Knox Street in Dallas, in the new Weir building.

Owner Greg Katz calls the Greenpoint Seafood and Oyster Bar a “modern and classic” venue that is slated to open in fall or winter 2022.

Knox is the hottest restaurant block in Dallas right now. Greenpoint will be in the same ground-floor new-build space as Pizzana, the celebrity-backed California pizzeria; and an unnamed restaurant from the owners of The Charles and Sister.

Nearby, there are also Toulouse and Taverna; Up on Knox, Georgie and Le Bilboquet; The Duni; and Village Baking Co., each operated by Dallas-area restaurateurs. An upscale restaurant named Montes Modern Charhouse is set to open in the former Abacus space on McKinney Avenue. And there’s the Tony RH Rooftop, a restaurant that’s not run by locals but loved by a lot of Dallas folks.

We can expect even more restaurant announcements from Dallas developers Stephen Summers and Ray Washburne.

Greenpoint comes from Katz, originally from South Africa. It is named after Green Point, the seaside suburb of Cape Town and site of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

It also has an upcoming lounge named Clifton Club, named after another neighborhood in Cape Town. We’ve called the Clifton Club one of Dallas’ most exciting new spots in 2022. It’s slated to open in a few months.

Katz said the expansion at Knox “felt good.” He will be in good company.

In this DMN file photo, Sophia Lau shares her ice cream around her 100th birthday in 2012. In 2022, the owners of The Charles and Sister plan to open a restaurant in place of the former pharmacy and milkshake shop .

Greenpoint’s menu is far from finished. Katz hopes it’s “small, charming and cozy,” a place that will draw crowds for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The idea is to be a midday hangout for office workers moving in in the new buildings on Knox Street, then serving dinner and drinks to shoppers and residents of Uptown, Park Cities and M.

The restaurant will have an indoor-outdoor ambiance, with a patio. And there will be a big bar.

“I am as passionate about cocktails as I am about food. That’s what I loved about Bev’s and now Clifton Club,” Katz says.

If the Knox/Fitzhugh area is hot, Katz puts all of his effort on his equator: his three spots are right there, about half a mile apart.

Greenpoint Seafood and Oyster Bar will be near the old Highland Park Soda Fountain on Knox Street in Dallas. Its opening is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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