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I was pretty excited on Sunday morning – I’m not going to lie.

I don’t normally like to wake up early on Sunday, but it was a special occasion. I was going to try the new OEB Breakfast Co. breakfast at Amazing Brentwood.

Burnaby doesn’t really have a lot of great breakfast spots, with North Burnaby being particularly sterile, with the exception of the big chains which I’m not really a fan of.

So having a place open near my house offering breakfast all day, well, I’m pretty excited.

But apparently a lot of people were just as excited because diners were lining up outside the door and the wait was around an hour.

Well can you blame them?

I mean, just take a look at the EPO menu and there is something to be excited about with the amazing things they offer.

I was particularly excited to see a pancake made with lobster and shrimp poached in butter, with pearls of truffle and a hollandaise sauce with hazelnut butter. Oh and you can add a side of organic sturgeon caviar to it.

OEB, which stands for Over Easy Breakfast, also offers some truly exaggerated creations, notably their signature “Soul in a Bowl”. They have potatoes fried in duck fat, poutine for breakfast, all the epic pancakes and French toast you can imagine, plus more traditional and simpler breakfast options. and lunch.

The restaurant will use as much local produce as possible to create its range of eye-catching dishes; they’ve teamed up with Arctic Meats in Port Coquitlam to source premium all-natural sausages and poultry, and Cubic Farms in Langley for fresh microgreens, and you’ll notice plenty of BC beers and bottles on the map. beers and wines.

“We care about where food comes from and what happens to it before it’s on the table,” Mauro Martina, owner and founder of EPO, said in a press release.

The 2,200 square foot Burnaby space, which seats 72 indoors and 25 on the patio at full capacity, features tall windows to bring in maximum natural light, an open kitchen and “custom pantries.” in the dining room. Designed by Janks Design Group, the new EPO has something for shutters: a ‘Fill the Soul’ Instagram wall and many key decor touches like the restaurant’s iconic egg lights, and exclusive to Brentwood, paper art 3D morning farm-themed installation.

“Breakfast means a lot more to me than the first meal of the day,” added Martina. “It’s about improving the overall breakfast experience. This is the raison d’être of the CEO.

So this all explains why there were so many people early on a Sunday. And that’s good to see because opening a restaurant during a pandemic is a difficult thing to do.

A lot of people are ready to go back to the restaurant for good food.

“I was expecting this,” a guy told me as we waited outside. “I’m really excited for this place. I have heard so many things.

Me too.

OEB Breakfast Co. at Amazing Brentwood is located at 4525 Lougheed Highway in Burnaby

  • With files from Lindsay William-Ross

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