Angolan hit-maker raises Old Pera – Jah Bouks opens seafood restaurant in hometown of St Thomas | Entertainment

The restaurant is named after his hit song, Angola. It premiered in January 2019 and, according to the artist, is fast becoming one of the most talked about establishments in the parish.

Jah Bouks, who has traveled to several countries around the world, nurtured the ambition to live in Africa.

“Before Angola, I was a normal Rastafari in the street looking for exposure. I’ve had this exposure and been to places including most of the Caribbean, England, Europe, Africa, Canada, etc. I’m a compatriot, so I had to step into my backyard. I should be living in Africa, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way I planned, so I decided to come back to Jamaica, “he said.

The Old Pera native said it was in St Thomas that he and his Colombian wife decided to go into business.

Overlooking the beautiful port of Bowden, the Angola restaurant serves daily “whatever you can find in the sea”.

In addition to the dinner with a view, those who visit can also enjoy a boat ride through the harbor, on request.

“It’s a lovely place to cool off. We have an up top Airbnb, which is a one-room studio where someone can sleep in if nuh dem wants to make the long trip home. The place is so nice that sometimes you even see the dolphins coming in, something you don’t see anywhere else, ”said Jah Bouks.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said last year that St Thomas was ripe for development. A tourism plan for the parish notes that the Old Pera area has some of Jamaica’s last undeveloped white sand beaches. He noted that Bowden Bay offers an idyllic setting and peaceful views, something Jah Bouks is very familiar with. Indeed, the reggae artist does not wait for the State to pilot the development of the territory. Pieces of wood lying around and an unfinished building bear witness to the artist’s intention to expand.

Asked about it, he said: “I will never stop building. I plan to set up a casino and an antique store here. I will also put a studio at the top of the restaurant. There will be no end. There will always be something to build on here. The vision is to stay natural so that people can come here and feel a natural vibration. “

Jah Bouks said THE STAR OF THE WEEKEND that he was able to employ people from the community and also introduce the inhabitants to an unusual way of life in the countryside.

“I don’t think they’ve ever seen that within a stone’s throw of them. So coming to build this huge business here so that people can find jobs has been great. They can come and see what can happen. in their region, ”he said.

Bridgette Kilburn, who lives in the area, hailed the creation of the Angola restaurant as a plus for the community.

“It’s a good thing because it will further develop the community. Nothing really happens here, and I like the way it settled there. No one normally comes from Old Pera, but, from him, we’re starting to see people like all Hansle Parchment and a few others coming in. The food is good, we just want more people to hear about it.

While intending to see his restaurant Angola flourish, Jah Bouks made it clear that he would not neglect the art that exposed him to the world.

“I never parted with music. I still make music and always will, as long as I have a voice to sing. If you see me on a road and want to hear a song, tell me to sing or put your scene on me, ”said Jah Bouks.

The hitmaker released an album last year, Long wait, which contains several songs that he hopes people gravitate to as they did with Angola.

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