British seafood restaurant Goddard & Gibbs has opened at 100 Shoreditch in the space that once housed Hoi Polloi

What:A seafood restaurant located next to the 258-room One Hundred Shoreditch hotel, which was previously the British outpost of American hotel company Ace Hotel. Inspired by English fishing villages and seaside towns, Goddard & Gibbs (G&G) is an all-day restaurant specializing in British seafood.

WHO:The restaurant is run by chef Tom Moore, who has spent the past seven years at private club The Lansdowne Club in Mayfair. The restaurant is part of the One Hundred Shoreditch hotel, the latest venture from hotel operator Lore Group, whose other London property is Sea Containers on the South Shore.

The food:If you look closely, you’ll find a hidden burger, chicken, and rib eye at the end of the menu, but everything else on G&G’s remarkably extensive menu is a fishy persuasion. Dishes range from classic – smoked salmon to rye bread; seafood platter; Oysters; prawn cocktail – to say the least, including a Dorset shellfish lasagna; and a sardine sausage roll. Although the restaurant cites English fishing villages as its main inspiration, there are hints of Asian influences throughout, as evidenced by dishes such as steamed mussels with chilli and lemongrass; skate wing roasted in XO butter; a fish burger with kimichi and sriracha mayonnaise; and, most incongruously of all, baked eggplant with miso, tofu, and redhead tomatoes. A kyiv of hake also makes an appearance on the menu, and has since changed its name(not yet online) as in other restaurants to show support for Ukraine. There’s also a wine bar at the front of the restaurant serving small plates such as pot prawns; fried fish tacos; fish pate; and a clam pizza paired with a wine list from “modern, forward-thinking producers.” G&G will also soon be opening a seafood “hatcher” offering dishes such as lobster rolls and calamari to take away.

The atmosphere:G&G channels early Coldplay with its all-yellow color scheme in the dining room, which is dominated by a large lacquered round table on which rests a huge sculpture reaching to the ceiling in the same color (see above). That said, the room retains much of the features and layout of its Hoi Polloi days, including the low-backed banquettes and the cladding of the walls and pillars in light wood and the tiled floor, keeping with it the noise and bustle that accompany such a large room. There’s a change of pace on the ground floor of the hotel, home to the 1970s-inspired Seed Library, the latest cocktail bar from drinks maestro Mr Lyan.

And something else:Chef Tom Moore is also founder of Moore’ish Crumpets (see what he’s been up to there?), with Moore making sourdough crumpets from his home in Dulwich and delivering them across London during lockdown. One of his baked goods appears on the G&G menu as a sourdough crumpet topped with dried Cornish mackerel, mussel emulsion and sweet and sour dill.

100 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JN​

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