Caledonia Forest luxury restaurant and wildlife museum to arrive in 2023

By April 29, 2022 4:00 p.m.

Clarksville’s own Caledonia Forest is expanding its garden and home shopping center and conservation program. By the end of 2023, residents of Clarksville will be able to enjoy a variety of new experiences in Caledonia Forest. Their expansion will include a larger mall and garden, wildlife museum, bookstore and cafe, petting zoo and wildlife education center, and their fine luxury restaurant which will be open for dinners.

Caledonia Forest founder Linda Blackmoor is excited to expand the experiences offered in Clarksville in addition to Dover Conservation Park. “With the abundance of chain restaurants and malls, I believe our residents have long sought the expansion of creative shopping and dining experiences for those who live in Clarksville.”

Caledonia Forest plans to open a zoo in Dover with bobcats and other animals. (Contributed)

The dinner restaurant will have a rustic Scottish lodge feel. Guests can sit around a crackling fireplace and enjoy cuisine inspired by Blackmoor’s travels around the world. The Wildlife Museum will be a great source of education to learn more about Caledonia Forest’s efforts to conserve and protect woodland and forest animals. Their petting zoo and educational program will host events and functions where guests can visit baby lemurs, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, possums, squirrels, porcupines and more. Get up close experiences with their Wildlife Ambassadors for all their conservation species.

Blackmoor says: “When you give people the opportunity to see and learn about animals in an intimate atmosphere, it motivates people to support a cause that is dedicated to saving and protecting our local wildlife. I have personally been devastated by the loss of so much green space in our local communities and the displacement of our wildlife. I hope to bring about a change in our community so that builders and developers stop stripping our land to the bone and preserve wooded areas for our local wildlife to escape.

Caledonia Forest plans to open a wildlife museum. (Contributed)

Their cafe and bookstore will focus on cuisine that matches the enchanting woodland theme known from Caledonia’s branding and will serve quick bites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These experiences will be located off Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. In the meantime, you can still shop and support their mission and all the wonderful things they do for the Clarksville community by visiting their home and garden store at 2269 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.

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