Cape House Seafood Restaurant Opens in Incline, Replaces Bertie’s


INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada – What started as a spicy chicken pop-up known as Bertie’s has evolved into sustainable seafood cuisine. The opening of Cape House last week marked the end of an era for Bertie’s, but a new beginning for owner Rick Boyd and the Incline Village community.

“We’re excited to be back in full-service catering,” Boyd said.

Most of the new dishes served at Cape House are sustainable breeds of fish in order to offer diners the best price.
Supplied / Rick Boyd

By comparison, Boyd explained that Bertie’s primarily served take-out during lunch and dinner hours.

“We’ve done really well with Bertie’s, but we absolutely need to be able to sit down and have conversations with our customers,” Boyd said.

The initial seafood transition plan was first halted by COVID, but even when restrictions began to lift again, Boyd saw a bigger problem with understaffing in the area.

“It was hard to find people while trying to staff Bertie’s for lunch and dinner,” Boyd said. “Some people worked six days a week and didn’t have a life of their own. And by switching to full-service seafood, the price obviously goes up and allows us to have a smaller staff and not be around for that long.

The restaurant will now offer full table service compared to Bertie’s, which accommodated the majority of take out orders.
Supplied / Rick Boyd

Now Boyd and his team are excited to come back refreshed and ready to serve a sustainable menu of seafood. Sustainability comes from the nation’s current struggle for some high-end items, like king crab.

“We haven’t been able to get some things that we would normally have on the full-time menu either because they’re not available or because they’re just unreasonably priced,” Boyd said. “So we’re really trying to focus on sustainable seafood. “

The menu features fish like trout, salmon caught in the Pacific, oysters, red snapper, and other fish that have faster spawning times.

The restaurant sign has not been changed, but the new menu has been posted.
Miranda Jacobson / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Cape House officially opened on Tuesday, November 9 and business has been stable since then. Boyd and his team are excited to continue to figure out what the business might look like as the holiday season approaches, as well as to connect with its customers.

“Incline Village is much more of a local community,” Boyd said. “You see a lot of the same faces, even during peak tourist seasons; they are not lost in the crowd. We must therefore try to have a very strong involvement within the community. This has been very important to us since we moved here, it was really trying to come to terms with this.

The restaurant’s opening hours are from 4.30 p.m. to 9 p.m., preferably by reservation. To view the new full menu and to make reservations, visit, or call 775-413-5050.

For more information on organizing a private party, send an email to [email protected].

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