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One of my favorite things about working in downtown Biloxi is walking to breakfast at Greenhouse Biloxi.

The pink building has a sign in the window that says “everyone”, letting customers know immediately that they are welcome. This is the first thing I noticed when I first decided to dine there a few months ago.

The cafe and cookie restaurant looks like a Disney fairy tale that could be set in New Orleans. Exposed brickwork, high ceilings, and poetry on the walls make the greenhouse feel like a best-kept secret to Big Easy locals.

Sorry, NOLA, because Biloxi is saving this one for us.

There was a considerable queue during the hour I was in Greenhouse on Thursday, and the staff knew almost everyone who came through the door by name. The coffee selection is simple, and the star of the show are the specialty cookies.

There’s a sweet and savory option every day, and you can try both with a side of fruit or Zapps Voodoo chips for under $9. I ordered the sweet – a molasses ginger cookie stuffed with sweet fluff and roasted cinnamon apples – and the savory – a pumpkin parmesean cookie stuffed with regular fluff and roasted kale.

I chose fruit for my side and loved that the greenhouse served my meal in a real plate and silverware. The company is also environmentally conscious. Their take-out boxes and cups are compostable.

Greenhouse Biloxi’s cookie plate includes the restaurant’s sweet and savory cookie of the day and fresh fruit. Justin Mitchell [email protected]

The sweet cookie tasted like apple pie, but better. The tart green apples were a perfect complement to the light fluff and molasses of the cookie. The cracker was my favorite – the cheesy pumpkin flavor was not overshadowed by the kale, which was the perfect consistency. It almost looked like a new-age version of green bean casserole at Thanksgiving, and I loved it.

Greenhouse Biloxi also sells cookies, pastries and baked goods, sandwiches, salads, lunch plates and more. The menu is vast and there is something for everyone, even the pickiest.

The greenhouse also serves as a sort of bodega for downtown Biloxi. If coffee or tea isn’t your thing, they also have a variety of sodas, sparkling water, and fresh juices that you can take home or to the office.

Don’t forget to check out the art along the wall – local artists are selling their creations and there are several featured in the holiday gallery.

The Greenhouse Biloxi is a cafe and cookie restaurant in downtown Biloxi. Justin Mitchell [email protected]

If you go to Serre Biloxi

Address: 152 G.E. Ohr St.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Call: 228-327-0579

This story was originally published November 11, 2022 06:00.

Justin Mitchell is the Sun Herald’s News Editor and works on McClatchy’s Audience Engagement and Development team. It also reports on LGBTQ issues in the Deep South, with a particular focus on Mississippi.

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