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Progressive Delight Chinese & Seafood Cuisine co-owners Renee and Sheldon Lindsay have always loved fine dining. But dining out often meant heading to the island town to feast on their favorite foods: Chinese and seafood. When the time came to start a business, the romantic partners followed their hearts and taste buds in having the idea of ​​creating a restaurant. But they stumbled over obstacles along the way.

“The restaurant was originally to open in Hellshire in Portmore, St Catherine. But it wasn’t meant to be, ”Renee said Food. With their delicious dream hanging by a thread, she was about to give up when her husband came up with the idea of ​​bringing the excitement closer to home. “He knows that when it comes to any vision, I will follow and support him. When the location was questioned, we said yes to Yallahs, setting up our kitchen and moving into our new home, ”she added.

Progressive Delight Chinese & Seafood Cuisine offers residents of Yallahs and neighboring communities a different dining experience. The mouth-watering combination of seafood and Chinese dishes has something for everyone. The ultimate seafood boil is to die for! Spicy or sweet, melted in a mouth-watering curry or garlic sauce, the all-in-one meal includes king crab, sea crab, lobster and shrimp, Bad Dawg sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. Then there’s a sweet version of grilled lobster, yellow curried rice, traditional fried rice, curried shrimp, teriyaki tofu, shrimp in black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken, and mallah chicken. , a variety of lo meins and a host of other flavor options.

Opening a Chinese restaurant in St Thomas is a huge deal in their books. They proudly present themselves as black owners of a business that offers Asian cuisine and boast of having one of the biggest menus. “We have the biggest Chinese menu in Jamaica,” Renee revealed, dropping the surprising number of 250 delicious dishes to back her claim. The general menu list includes 143 delicious offerings.

Since opening a few months ago, the response has been incredible. Many continue to be mesmerized by the irresistible flavors that bring joy to the taste buds, and the couple continue to be in awe of the love and support shown so far.

By putting enormous effort into the culinary execution of the business, the dynamic duo have recruited a team of talented chefs who are versed and passionate about cooking. Everything that is prepared at Progressive is done with love. Blending herbs and spices (with sauces in the mix), these dishes promise to create the perfect harmony in every bite. The flavor profiles make any choice interesting.

And because the couple eschew ordinary conventions, they bring versatility with family-sized Chinese offerings and fast food options. The excitement will kick in every Friday when patrons come for food, but stick around for the sake of the karaoke night.

The Progressive Delight Chinese & Seafood Cuisine is located in Yallahs, St Thomas. Find them on Instagram @progressivedelight.

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