Nearby breakfast restaurant: Old Town Cafe in Biloxi MS

Old City Coffee Company in Biloxi has only been open for a few weeks, but owners and sisters, Ella and Desirae Edwards, have big plans for this little place.

It’s small in every way – from the small breakfast and lunch menu to a few tables and chairs in the dining room – but it has a certain charm that makes this place unique.

The Edwards sisters also have a goal: “to do good and spread joy,” says the store’s Facebook page. It’s a lovely feeling, isn’t it? We can always use a new cafe on the coast, but having a new addition that also aims to do good in the community is very cool.

Old City Coffee Company is located directly across from the Food Giant grocery store and the Biloxi Fire and Police Department. There is plenty of parking and lots of foot and car traffic around the new restaurant. The business model is not just a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch, but a community-driven business that meets local needs and provides learning opportunities and a healthy, respectful environment for all.

The menu will expand as the business grows, but for now it’s limited to a few Southern favorites, like the delicious homemade Chilli and Cheese Sandwich, which is about as classic as it gets. . I tried the turkey club sandwich, and it was filling and the perfect size lunch for me. There’s also an interestingly named burrito, the 3 p.m. burrito, filled with bacon, egg, sausage, cheese, banana peppers, and tomato. It’s topped with a spicy garlic aioli, and it’s delicious and filling.

Old Town 2.jpg
The 3 p.m. burrito at Old City Coffee Company in downtown Biloxi Julian Brunt Special for the Sun Herald

If you come for breakfast, check out the muffins and cookies on the counter. The menu features a lovely sausage and cheese muffin, a ham and cheese egg croissant, a breakfast burrito, and nearly a dozen coffee choices.

The Old City Coffee Company is as cozy and welcoming a café as anywhere on the coast. If it feels like a small town restaurant, very friendly and pleasant. The food has that homey touch and the service is family friendly.

Old Town.jpg
Old City Coffee Company in Downtown Biloxi Julian Brunt Special for the Sun Herald

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