New Great Gatsby-themed seafood restaurant brightens up Montrose

An intimate Montrose steakhouse will soon have a seafood-focused sister restaurant. Gatsby’s First Steakhouse owner Luis Rangel will expand his brand with a new restaurant called Gatsby’s Best Seafood which should open in September.

Located in Tony Mandola’s former space at 1212 Waugh Dr., the new Gatsby’s will build on the reputation of the steakhouse which has been a smash hit since it opened last year, rapidly growing from its original footprint in the former Pax Americana space to include the adjoining bar next door. It is known for its lively atmosphere and thriving bar scene.

The new restaurant aims to replicate the steakhouse experience in a larger environment. While the original steakhouse is known for its intimate dining room, Gatsby’s Prime Seafood will offer a sprawling 6,700 square feet of space that can seat 225 people.

Similarly, the steakhouse’s red and black color scheme will be swapped out for blue and gold in the seafood restaurant (as purple and gold would have created a St. John’s versus Kinkaid that might have confused some diners). ).

“What may appear at first glance to be a concept without deviating too far from Gatsby’s Prime Steakhouse is instead a carefully considered expansion of the Gatsby’s brand into an entirely new culinary category,” Rangel said in a statement. “We plan to deliver the level of professionalism in all aspects that customers have come to enjoy at Prime Steakhouse while simultaneously upping the ante when it comes to presentation, flavor and consistency of all dishes. We’ve been delighted with Prime Steakhouse’s success so far, and Gatsby’s Prime Seafood is our chance to prove this brand is here to stay.

As for the menu, the steakhouse’s executive chef Erick Anaya will also lead the kitchen of the new restaurant. Expect signature steakhouse dishes like shellfish towers and crab cakes, plus new ingredient-based dishes like branzino, halibut, scallops and sea bass.

Carnivores will have three steak options: tenderloin, rib eye and striploin. The beverage program will feature the same style of pre-prohibition cocktails and a California-focused wine list that have been successful at the steakhouse.

Beyond the new menu and expanded space, the biggest change between the two restaurants will be their opening hours. While the steakhouse is strictly for dinner, Gatsby’s Prime Seafood will be open for lunch Tuesday through Friday. It will serve dinner from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

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