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According to one of its co-owners, according to one of its co-owners, according to one of its co-owners, the new sister restaurant of Street Savory food truck in Keene, according to the licenses of the city, will hopefully open. next week.

The new seafood restaurant – The Laughing Gull – was originally scheduled to open in mid-October. And while the restaurant itself is mostly ready to go, co-owner Austin Reida said he’s still awaiting multiple approvals, including a liquor license and parking lot occupancy.

“We were hoping it would all be over last week, so we’re still waiting to see, ultimately, when we can open,” he said.

The restaurant will be located in the former Thirsty Owl location at 141 Winchester Street, which closed earlier this year. Its owner, Darren Humphrey, did not respond to multiple inquiries from The Sentinel at the time as to why the bar and restaurant had closed.

Reida said he is negotiating deals with neighboring properties to rent additional parking spaces for The Laughing Gull.

According to city guidelines, a restaurant needs a parking space for five spaces.

While Reida isn’t sure exactly how many parking spots he and his fiancee, Kayla Borden, wanted to secure, he said they “wish they could fill the inside and outside of the restaurant.”

And although he said they weren’t changing the building’s floor plan, he still needed some renovations before it opened.

“We’re in the process of finishing the kitchen right now,” Reida said. “The last thing that really needs attention is the kitchen. The dining room is decorated and restored, so we are close.

The menu at the new restaurant will feature a variety of raw, baked, grilled and fried seafood, according to Reida, who grew up on Cape Cod. Some of the Street Savory Food Truck menu items will also be available, such as homemade burgers and snacks.

Reida and Borden will continue to operate Modestman Brewing Co.’s food truck in downtown Keene, serving locally sourced comfort food. The truck opened in 2018, and after closing for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reopened last year on Modestman’s patio.

Reida added that the couple hired the majority of the help they needed for the front and back of the house, but could use a few more staff. Those interested can email them at [email protected].

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