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If you are the type of person who loves fish and chips but worries about eating sustainably, then worry no more. One of your New Year’s resolutions may involve heading to Wapping in east London, to check out the new restaurant Off The Hook, where absolutely everything has been taken care of, until the moment your chosen fish is arrived in London.

Led by Chef Neil Wagner in conjunction with Shaun Henderson (from Henderson’s fame of sustainable fish suppliers to top restaurants for a decade), Off The Hook is not just a seafood restaurant, but a fishmonger, and will also offer take-out fish and chips, for those looking to wander the streets of Wapping for a bit of Rod Stewart observation (he lives here, you know; we’ve seen him buying coffee not at all incognito in a leopard print coat).

But let’s come back to the very important traceability. Every fish you order from Off the Hook practically has its own birth certificate. We’re talking about the time of capture on the Jurassic Coast, the name of the boat it was caught on, the method used to capture it, and the name of the fisherman who brought it back. The concern for the sustainability of seafood is off the scale (sorry), with all the information posted on the menus as well as at the fish shop.

Chef Neil has worked in restaurants around the world, from Michelin-starred establishments to private islands in South East Asia, and met Shaun when he supplied one of his restaurants, Dokke, in St Katharine Docks, near. The duo now combine their talents to showcase the best of British seafood, dry-aged fish at the fishmongers (where you can also buy fish to taste at home), as well as making their own condiments and bread on site. .

Here’s what you can expect from the restaurant’s opening menu for the New Year:

  • Wild sea bass sashimi with wasabi, pickles, soy and shiso
  • Ikijime trout with nori seaweed, trout roe and spring onion
  • Dry aged monkfish with kimchi and fennel
  • Halibut with wild chanterelles, crown prince squash and cider broth

Drink offerings are also sea-themed, with cocktails made with coastal ingredients, such as the Messy Martini made with Cornish Morveren Absinthe, Pilgrim & Galaxy Hop Gin and Vermouth. Or there’s the Oyster Shot with Cornish Squid Ink Gin served from a Maldon Rock Oyster. If it all sounds a bit dangerous, there will also be a choice of natural wines and beers.

If you’re looking for a takeout from their modern take on a classic ‘chippie’ in the back of the room, it’ll wrap it all up in sustainably-sourced seaweed transparent packaging and include breaded hake and fries, a roll of lobster and a crab mac ‘n. ‘ cheese.

We will be adding “eat better seafood” to our righteous January resolutions, which may be the easiest to keep right now.

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Learn more about Off the Hook

Where is it? 27 Gauging Square, London E1W 2AE

When? January 4, 2022

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @

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