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The desire for breakfast led an imperial resident to embark on a new business.

Secil Schodroski, a nurse practitioner who operates a Sunset Hills wellness center and home care business, plans to open At Sunrise Restaurant on Saturday, June 18 at 1277 Main St., Imperial.

The restaurant will be located in the commercial complex where the Frankie Gianino restaurant is located.

“This whole restaurant thing (At Sunrise) just happened because I wanted breakfast,” she said.

Schodroski, 45, said his restaurant would serve breakfast and lunch.

Additionally, brunch will be available on weekends, she said.

“Saturdays and Sundays I love having brunch,” Schodroski said. “I found in Jefferson Country that there was no more upscale place with things like crab benedict, chicken and waffles, and fried green tomatoes.”

In addition to his breakfast craving and fondness for brunch, Schodroski said the closure of the Sunrise restaurant at 4313 Jeffco Blvd. near the Pleasant View Motel outside Arnold inspired her to open her own restaurant.

Schodroski said she eats there often, mostly because of her potatoes, and when the restaurant was demolished in the summer of 2021, she felt compelled to open her own breakfast place.

“When I heard they were closing, I called one of the waiters,” she said. “I asked the waiter how to reopen the place. I prayed about it. I said, ‘Lord, are you giving me another project?’ My children laugh at me saying “Mom, you always have to have a plan”.

Schodroski describes herself as a serial entrepreneur. She opened the health and wellness center, 9717 Landmark Parkway Drive, about eight years ago. She then launched Lea Helen’s Helping Hands for Supportive Care, which provides home care for patients, about three years ago.

She said some staff at Sunrise Restaurant have been working for her home care business since that restaurant closed and while waiting for At Sunrise to open.

“It was important for me to do that,” Schodroski said.

At the Sunrise

Schodroski said she rarely cooks and there is often little or no food in her refrigerator. However, she believes her experience running her own businesses will help her succeed in her new venture.

Plus, she said she plans to surround herself with the right employees.

She said Brian Barnes, owner of the Southern Barnes restaurant, would be the head chef, and he would be joined by cooks Jeff Smith and Yolanda Ishman in the kitchen. Meghan Ruhl will be the manager and Olivia Stevens will be the kitchen manager.

She also said that George Gilley, who worked at the old Sunrise restaurant, will work at the restaurant and make the potatoes she loved at her old workplace.

Schodroski said she plans to employ at least 16 people at the restaurant.

“We will succeed,” she said. “I understand it has been harder to get materials and there may be issues with the supply chain, but for some reason I wasn’t scared.

“I figure if I can build a practice (of the health and wellness center) without doing it first, I can do it.”

In addition to various breakfast and lunch menus, Schodroski said the restaurant will offer six alcoholic drinks on the menu, such as mimosas and Bloody Marys.

“I want it to be a fun place where you can hang out, eat and listen to good music,” she said.

Schodroski said music is important to her and she installed a sound system in the restaurant, and plans to have live music on Sundays.

She also said the building had been completely gutted, new plumbing had been installed and everything in the kitchen was brand new.

“We want to keep the food hot, have a great presentation and have great energy,” Schodroski said. “The main thing I want is great service.”

Schodroski and her husband, Russell Schodroski Jr., have five children: Amanda Schodroski Thomas, 34; Patrick Schodroski, 29; Sethan Schodroski, 27; Schodroski Symphony, 19; and Serenity Schodroski, 18, and three grandchildren: Hailey, 5; Axel, 1; and Lucas, born May 17.

She said she looks forward to owning a restaurant in a community she loves.

“I’ve been here 20 years,” Schodroski said. “I love Jefferson County and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I am very happy to open the restaurant.

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