Small Seafood Restaurant, Mink Wine Bar opens Wednesday in Corktown

Out of the female-led group that brings together some of the city’s hottest restaurants – Folk Wine Bar Detroit, Marrow and Royce – comes Mink, a small hangout open Wednesday in Corktown.

With around two dozen seats, Mink is a laid-back spot that focuses on seafood and wine. The name is a nod to Detroit’s fur trade past, and it mainly has bar seating overlooking an oyster shelling station and a small kitchen, with a few tables at either end of the lean space.

At an event celebrating female chefs at Jam Handy in Detroit earlier this month, Mink co-owner Ping Ho said she envisions Mink as a sort of waiting room for another restaurant owned by Mink. women around here, chef Kate Williams’ Lady of the Loger. It is a place where diners can have an aperitif and a few small bites while waiting for their table at the Lady just opposite or in other restaurants in the area.

Mink is on Trumbull near Bagley next to Folk.

Besides Ho, other key players in Mink are Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes of Folk, a breakfast and lunch spot next to Mink, and Chef Sarah Welch who runs the Butcher Shop and Marrow Restaurant in West Village with Ho .

A short menu at a recent soft open event featured a variety of west and east coast oysters and a list of wine, sake, beer, and cider. A preview dinner at The Frame in Hazel Park in September included a seafood and veg platter, chilled beetroot soup, and a savory buckwheat pancake with caviar.

A sign at the entrance to Mink reads “Sit Responsibly”, this means that you should not sit two at a table for four and leave one seat vacant between you and another at the bar. There are only about 24 seats here and with the team behind this beast, it will definitely be a popular stop this fall and winter.

Mink is at 1701 Trumbull in Detroit.

The oysters on the bridge will be shelled at Mink in Corktown, opening Wednesday.

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