Trend: Bidens New Years Eve featured lunch at Wilmington seafood restaurant

Bad weather causes plane change and slow motorcade to DC Monday

President Joe Biden flew from New Castle Airport on Monday morning after spending New Years weekend at their home near Greenville after a quick trip to their North Shores home near Rehoboth Beach.

Air Force One was dispatched to the airport after conditions deteriorated to the point that the Marine One helicopter was not considered a travel option.

According to media reports, the Air Force exit door was blocked for half an hour when the president landed at Andrews Air Force Base. The motorcade then proceeded to the White House at slow speed in conditions that included jackknifed trucks and stranded vehicles.

The Bidens arrived at their North Shore home near Rehoboth last Monday after flying from the White House. The Bidens spent Christmas in the White House.

The flight restrictions were extended until Monday, after initially expiring on Sunday. The northeast corridor sees snow on Monday, with the possibility of more heavy accumulations in Washington, DC

On Thursday, Biden held a telephone interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a range of topics, including upcoming diplomatic engagements with Russia.

On Sunday, Biden met with the Ukrainian president and expressed support for the nation’s sovereignty as well as diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions.

Russia has amassed troops on the border with Ukraine as fears of invasion increase. Biden reportedly warned Putin that Russia would pay a high price for any invasion.

On Friday afternoon, the first couple headed to Wilmington for lunch at Bank’s Seafood, a riverside restaurant. The Bidens have dined at restaurants in the past. Aside from Banks, they have commented on Betty White’s passing at the age of 99.

The first couple made the news in Rehoboth by walking their new puppy, the Commander, a German Shepherd and a gift from the President’s brother.

Trips to the seaside town were few for the Bidens, who mostly split their weekends between Camp David and their home near Greenville.

Plans for a beach vacation in August were cut short by issues facing the administration.

There were concerns that summer tours could cause disruption during the busy summer season and limit the use of air-banner planes that fly near crowded beaches.

Rehoboth has had a busy summer season, with the seaside town becoming nationally known following Biden’s election victory.

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