Carelli’s wins Best Restaurant for Lunch and Dinner in County Moffat



Voters have spoken and the result is “Viva Italia!

Carelli’s Pizzeria and Pasta repeated as the dominant force on Craig’s culinary scene, with five wins in the 2015 Best of Moffat County, again taking home Best Breakfast, Dinner, Italian Restaurant, Pizza and Sandwich.

For owners Brett and Stephanie Etzler, in charge of operations since 2011, it’s about the customers who make it happen.

“Everything we put in is for them,” said Stéphanie.

The Etzlers still haven’t made any drastic changes from when they bought the place, other than adding some of their own touches, like an almost weekly rotation cycle of new microbreweries, anchored by Palisade’s Dirty Hippie. Brewing Company.

Good food and plenty of food remains the priority, and keeping some of the old favorites from before their time as owners, such as the award-winning DC Sandwich, the importance of its namesake – Vice President Dick Cheney – remains a mystery to them.

With fresh new pizza recipes here and there whenever the mood strikes you – ranging from lox to Reuben style with pastrami and Thousand Island dressing instead of sauce – Brett’s culinary abilities as a chef. cook remain a selling point.

Last year, the restaurant opened a patio seating area, which the couple look forward to using more and more this summer, bringing back their wine and beer tastings later this year.

Keeping a place that is a good daily meeting place is the kind of priority Stephanie wants.

“It’s a really friendly place, we take care of our staff and they take care of our customers, so I think people get that vibe,” she said.

Waitress Jordan Clark has been on the restaurant staff for almost six years, with her favorite part of the workplace being somewhat of a paradox: a sense of change that keeps things new, while taking refuge in the constant flow of familiar faces.

“We have a great clientele, it’s good to see them, some of them every day,” she said.

Even beyond Moffat County, the Carelli name is beginning to command respect. A few weeks ago the The restaurant has received an official Certificate of Excellence from the TripAdvisor Internet Travel Guide for its numerous high marks from diners.

Although they take the honor of the best Italian restaurant as their badge of honor, the Etzlers also hope the community realizes that pizza and pasta are only part of their offerings.

“It’s so much more than that,” Stephanie said, noting the steak, salmon, tenderloin and other menu items that don’t fall under this classification. “We want everyone to see what this is about.”

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