Shipwreck’d Seafood Restaurant is Hull’s Hidden Gem



HULL – At the tip of Hull and a few hundred yards from the ferry to Boston, a small restaurant offers fried seafood, large lobster rolls and frozen whiskey cocktails.

Fried seafood is part of the main menu at Shipwreck’d at Pemberton Point. Owners Adrian Muir and Susie Regan said every seat has a view of the sea, the ferry, and the ships passing through Hull Gut.

Muir said his favorite breakfast dish is the Kraken ($ 9.50), which is slow-cooked, hand-pulled corned beef, large chunks of red potatoes, and two eggs, a dish that he prepared for their five children. It sells out every day.

“If you’re not there at 10 in the morning, you don’t understand,” Regan said.

Susie Regan and Adrian Muir are in their third season of operating Shipwreck'd restaurant in Hull.

Before the pandemic, commuters would grab an early morning breakfast sandwich ($ 4 to $ 5.25) en route to take the ferry to Boston. Everything changed. The restaurant now opens later, at 8 or 10 a.m. instead of 6, and stays open longer, until 6 or 8 p.m., depending on the day.

The pandemic has also allowed Muir and Regan to increase their outdoor seating and start serving drinks outdoors, which can be a blessing and a curse. They close on rainy days (July 17th), and recent heat waves have also affected activity.

Meanwhile, “We’ve expanded the menu and added some fun items,” Muir said.

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The breakfast burger ($ 8.50) is a beef patty, bacon, eggs, cheese, and hash browns between the slices of an English muffin. The Hangover Helper is a breakfast sandwich with bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, cheese, and hash browns in an English muffin.

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A remnant on the menu from its previous owner are the grilled hot dogs ($ 4.25), which are served on a New England toast.

Seafood is expected at any restaurant by the water and Muir and Regan have gone for it, and they come in different sizes. This especially goes for the lobster roll, which comes in quarter pound increments, up to a huge 2 pound roll, basically a bunch of lobster meat with a roll on top (market price). The lobster is mixed with a little mayonnaise and nothing else.

Friskey drinks at Shipwreck'd Restaurant are made with crushed ice and whiskey.

The middle ground between price and appetite for most customers is the three-quarter pound roll, Muir said.

Fried seafood including scallop, clam and shrimp platters (market price) are lightly coated in a citrus beer batter that gives them a unique flavor.

“We got a ton of compliments on this,” Regan said.

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Since the restaurant is open later, he has turned more to dinner, which is boosted by his seasonal liquor license and range of cocktails. The restaurant is open from April to October.

A 2 pound lobster roll at Shipwreck'd in Hull.

“After that it’s too cold,” Regan said.

They have developed a signature iced cocktail called the Friskey ($ 10 to $ 13), which is made with a whiskey of which Regan is a registered trademark. The Friskey is available in 10 different permutations and is made from different whiskeys and fruit purees.

“It’s like a smoothie, but with whiskey,” Regan said.

The Friskey birthday costume is made with a blend of vanilla ice cream, while the signature version is made with mashed berries and blackberry whiskey.

The large outdoor dining area at Shipwreck'd in Hull offers ocean views.

The high school parking lot across the street offers free parking when school is over and there is free street parking on weekends.

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The Hull Nantasket Chamber of Commerce, of which Muir is the chairman, helps operate a ferry shuttle from Pemberton Point to Nantasket Beach, then to the Greenbush line to Hingham, to allow people to cross Hull without the need for a car, making Shipwreck’d the first or last stop for many visitors to Hull.

“We’re a bit of a hiding place, but people are finding out about us,” Regan said. “People come from Braintree, Canton and Boston on the boat to eat here.”

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